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At Arthur Rubber Company quality starts at home. As a family-owned and operated business, our focus on quality and pride in our workmanship began on day one. We believe each roll must be of the highest quality to meet each and every one of our customers needs. Our sales and service team help to custom-formulate every roll covering for your industrial application. We can help to optimize the performance and longevity of every roll with our roll inspection and repair capabilities. With a fleet of flat bed trucks you can be assured that our skilled drivers will deliver your precision rolls on time every time. We are an American owned and operated industrial roll company whose main goal is supplying the industries with a competitively priced long lasting roll. Arthur Rubber Company’s sales and service teams are serious about lowering our customers costs while increasing the productivity of their operation, this is our promise to them.

Rollers & Pulleys

At Arthur Rubber Co. roll coverings are the heart of our operation. With more than 20 years providing industries with precision rollers, we pride ourselves on giving our customers value added solutions to all of their roll needs. We engineer, design, fabricate, cover and repair any industrial roll. For help just ask for a sales representative in your area.

Rubber Lining

Arthur Rubber Co. uses compounds and cements from the top material suppliers in the US. While the methods we use are industry tested with happy customers from over 40 states, the years of abuse that our linings endure attest to the pride and workmanship that our installers put in to every job they complete.

Hose, Tubing & Sleevs

At Arthur Rubber Co. we make custom sleeves, tubing, and hose from a variety of rubber compounds and urethanes in many different durometers. Email or contact your rep with any of your sleeve inquires.

Special Products

We here at Arthur Rubber Co. like to believe that if its made out of rubber or urethane we can make it. We have the equipment and the expertise to help you to create or replicate most any rubber product available.