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Rollers & Pulleys

Roll performance and longevity are the keys to maximizing your maintenance budget. Economical roll covers do not always give you a lower yearly unit cost per roll. Let one of our technical experts do a free analysis of your line and the rolls in it.

At Arthur Rubber Co. roll coverings are the heart of our operation. With more than 20 years providing industries with precision rollers, we pride ourselves on giving our customers value added solutions to all of their roll needs. Today the roll industry offers a need for many different types of elastomers and urethanes, due to the variety of applications and chemicals or solvents that they come in contact with. For this reason we offer a one stop solution with a wide variety of services from engineering, designing, fabricating, coating and repairing any industrial roll in a large number of industries. Our team has an extensive background in the roll covering industry. From the design to the finished product, we can insure you the right roll and covering for your specific needs.


  • Fleet of Trucks for Pickup & Delivery Service
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Experienced Outside Technical Sales Team
  • Roll Grooving and Crowning
  • Extensive Inventoried Compounds for all Industries
  • Custom compounding for specific application
  • Roll Fabrication Service
  • Bowed Roll Shop
  • In-House Customer Service
  • Extensive Database of Roller Drawings
  • Roller Design Assistance
  • Technical Field Team
  • Capabilities of 51” in diameter 200” in length
  • Rubber and Urethanes from 20 shore A to 60 shore D
  • Hard Coatings (Chrome, Carbide, …)
  • Bearing and other Inspection Services

Our ongoing process enhancements help to satisfy today’s requirements. Let our experience and expertise in the roll covering field increase your productivity by reducing your down time and reducing costly maintenance expenses.

Complete Roll Building

  • From Design to Fabrication to Covering
  • New rolls built to per customer specs or drawings
  • Full machining capabilities
  • Core design and fabrication
  • Conformity to every print specification and detail

Roll Covering

  • Using the latest technology in compound application and bonding
  • Precision controlled vulcanization units
  • 300 different rubber compounds and urethanes
  • Complete roll analysis supplied when shipped
  • Rolls precision ground and polished to customers specs

Roll Repair

  • Complete roll repair capabilities
  • Precision bearing surface and journal repair
  • Shafts, end bells, headers, through shafts, and core body repairs
  • Die penetrate testing, UT and mag testing
  • Balancing service

Freight services

  • Arthur Rubber Co. staffs a fleet of trucks to service you pick up and delivery needs
  • Fleet of flat beds for easy loading and unloading at your facility and handling by Arthur Rubber trained employees to ensure safe transportation of your rolls.
  • Regularly scheduled runs to your area set up by a Arthur Rubber Co. customer service or sales staff

Arthur Rubber Company’s Promise: The Best Compounds at a Good Price

For over 20 years we have supplied the roll industry with high quality, application specific compounds at a good price to help relieve the constant pressures of lowering maintenance budgets and corporate push to produce more product.

Metal Industry- Arthur Rubber is the #1 choice for mills serious about improving product surface and roll longevity.

In this grueling tough industry your roll suppliers are a vital part of your day to day operation as well as your finished product. We know you can’t afford to have a roll failure or premature wear caused by inferior compounds, down time can means millions lost in revenue. At Arthur Rubber Co. we push to let our customers know that getting the right roll cover compound is the most vital step in increasing your roll’s performance and longevity.

  • Wringer / squeegee rolls
  • Bridal rolls
  • Chemical coater rolls
  • Steering rolls
  • And any other rubber or urethane roll

Our ongoing process enhancements help to satisfy today’s requirements. Let our experience and expertise in the roll covering field increase your productivity by reducing your down time and reduce costly maintenance cost.